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Its Clever!

Our Loan Wizards automatically calculate values that you input and turns it into easily understandable information. Do away with the bank jargon and get facts in a easy to understand format.

Unbiased Information

Unlike bankers who work for just one bank, LoanOwl is a unbiased, independent provider of information. What this means is that commissions don’t matter to us, only YOU getting the best deals.

Easy to Use

Visit over 15 Banks in Singapore at the click of a button. Access information and apply online without ever stepping into a bank! You’ll get the best Business Loan rates, Home Loan rates without ever speaking to a banker.


Your data is secure. We never sell your data to 3rd parties and all information provided to LoanOwl is kept in the utmost confidence.


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Home Loan Wizard

Are you considering getting a new home or refinancing? If so you’ll need a home loan that can suit your overall financial needs. Get all the information that you need from our senior consultant.

We have done the work on your behalf and have compiled the best home loan rates for you in Singapore. Use our Home Loan wizard to find the best home loan rates for your needs. The usual time intensive process of reviewing individual loan packages from the various banks can now be done in seconds.

Best Home Loans

LoanOwl's home loan wizard will automatically help you find the best home loan rates. It compiles the details from all major lenders in Singapore and tables it in an easy to read format. Our home loan calculator will analyse your housing type, loan amount and loan tenure to automatically calculate the monthly instalment for you.

Do not make the wrong choice for your home loan, speak to a senior consultant from LoanOwl. We work side by side with senior bankers to provide you with all the information you need to make the best choice.


Top Home Loan Comparison

With LoanOwl's Home Loan wizard you do not have to worry about being overburdened with other information you are not interested in. All you need to do is use our home loan wizard, which will save you both time and money. You can focus on your home loan and the purchase of your new house.

In fact, our services can often get you a better deal from the banks as we provide the banks a large volume of loans. We also make it worth your time to make an inquiry into the home loan services we offer. There is no obligation and our services are free.