Regular mortgage loan
Where to get the best Mortgage Loans in Singapore
MAS or the Monetary Authority of Singapore has restricted the loan tenures approved by financial institutions for residential properties purchase.
The maximum tenure for property loans will be fixed at 35 years and not beyond that. Additionally, loans which exceed 30 years will face stringent LTV ( loan to value) limits. This rule of thumb go...
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Regular best rates
Where to get the best money exchange rates in Singapore
Singapore is a place where money exchange is not an issue because there are quite a good number of money changers who are reliable.
If you are a traveler and have come to Singapore for a business trip or a pleasure trip money exchange can no more worry you. Neither do you have to worry about your money not getting its worth and...
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Regular payday
What you should know about Payday loans in Singapore
Payday loan is like an advanced salary that is gaining in popularity in Singapore.
At present this loan type has already made a firm footing on the ground of Singapore. The concept was launched a couple of years back in this country and has become a favorite alternative to borrow...
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Regular fraud online
Tips on how to Avoid Credit Card Fraud Overseas
Credit card fraud is common these days. And, why not!
So many online transactions happen and that is through a credit card. So many holidays are booked via credit card. Now the big question is how the fraud happens. Well here’s a brief note.Cyber crim...
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Regular credit card debt
Learn how to Consolidate your Credit Card Debt
Consolidating the credit card debts requires a neat understanding on why the situation raised, what is the immediate requirement and what would be future measures.
Credit card dues can be worrisome. They come with interest and it is seen that almost the entire salary goes behind the debt repayment.  Well, there can be situations, but nothing as serious as to ...
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Regular saving goals
Know how to reach your Savings Goals
The first item on your expenditure list should be “savings”.
A small term with big meanings and steady future prospects is what savings means in a nutshell. Savings are important. Here are few steps to it.Cut out debts: Completely cut out debts. The first ef...
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Regular overspending card
How to Avoid Overspending on Credit Cards
Credit card or plastic money is an expensive term.
People often end up spending a havoc amount in their credit cards and stays in the bliss that as long as the minimum amount due is being paid, the card is under control. That is so very wrong. The ...
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Regular life insurance
Best Term Life Insurance in Singapore
Life Insurance has turned to be a necessity in these days.
The life of a family turns difficult if it loses the earning member of the family. In such cases, the insurance policy could shield the family at least financially. But the traditional plans that c...
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Regular salary loan
Best Personal Loan in Singapore
Personal loans are the most preferred unsecured loans next to the Credit Card loans.
The personal loans have attained great craze due to the quick processing and minimal documentation. The reforms in the banking sector have also contributed to the increased demand for personal loan...
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Regular credit card
Best Credit Card in Singapore
(Credit cards have different benefits suitable for different types of usage)
Don’t have a credit card? Want to get a new one?Do you already have a card and searching for one more? Then, you have come to a right place.There are number of credit card issuers in the Singapore ...
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  • How Long Does It take for a Loan To be approved?
  • Depending on the application the loan approval process will take between 3 to 10 working days
  • What is the interest rate that I can expect?
  • For the Micro Loan scheme, you can expect an interest rate from 3.7% flat per annum. You can pay off the loan at any point of time and the interest will be pro-rated
  • How do I know which loan I Quaify for?
  • If you are a Singapore incorporated company, you can potentially qualify for business financing, no matter how long your company has been incorporated. To know your options simply enquire here or call us.
  • Which lenders do you work with?
  • We work with all local and foreign banks in Singapore, Private Financiers and other lenders.
  • How do I get started with an application?
  • Simply enquire here, or drop us a call.