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Home owners in Singapore are able to obtain financing for their businesses or for personal usage based on their home value. Called a gear up or a property equity loan. Cashflow can be obtained through the use of Singapore property.

A LTV or Loan to Value will be given to the borrower which the borrower can then draw down upon.

Typical interest rates range from 1 – 2% depending on the asset class. This financing product is frequently used by property owners as it unlocks the cashflow in the property, and property owners can obtain a higher loan amount at a lower interest rate as collateral is provided.


Lower Interest Rates
With Equity Financing, the asset pledged or caveated functions as security. This means less risk for the lender and translates into lower interest cost for the borrower. For example, unsecured business loan interest rates in Singapore can range from 3.5% - 6% flat rate per year, while secured financing may be lower than that subject to lender assessment.
Easier Approval
In equity financing deals, the strength of the security is measured as the approving factor. This means that the borrower might not be able to get a unsecured financing product, but by pledging a property for gear up he or she can easily get financing.
Higher Financing Amounts
Property equity financing gives the borrower higher loan amounts compared to unsecured loans as there is already a security in the event of default. This is valued by business owners who might need large sums of working capital in their business.
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Equity Financing
Pledging a security, vessel, or property for financing. This allows borrowers to obtain financing based on the value of the asset pledged. This financing product is straightforward and provides financing for asset holders
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Secured Term Loan
A Secured Term Loan is a financing product extended to Singaporean or Singapore based borrowers. Borrowers can obtain financing based on a security that they can offer for collateral. This allows for a higher financing amount based on the security type.
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Property Equity Term Loan
Singapore or Overseas property owners can utilize their property to obtain financing. This allows for them to unlock the cashflow in their properties for business expansion or for personal usage. The loan or commonly known as LTV can range from 50- 90% of the property value.
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Home Equity Loan
Similar to property equity loan, home owners in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand or Bangkok can use their property as security to obtain additional financing either for their business or for their personal requirements
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Vessel Financing
Vessel Financing allows the vessel owner to pledge the vessel as security for the financing needs of the owner. The process for vessel financing is slightly longer as greater due diligence is required on vessel financing in Singapore
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Private Property Gear Up
Private properties can be used to obtain financing by the property owner. We allow for first or 2nd charges on the property. This mean that if the property is stillunder mortgage by the bank, we are able to loan the difference between the outstanding loan amount and equity of the property.
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Pledged Loan
Pledged Loans allow for the borrower to pledge collateral, in the form of commodities, machinery, property or vessels to obtain financing. This allows greater cashflow for the borrower for the business in.
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Kuala Lumpur (KL)
Secured Property Loan
We are able to obtain financing for Kuala Lumpur properties in the central KL district. If your property is based in the KL Golden Triangle region, we are potentially able to finance against the property pledged.
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Kuala Lumpur (KL)
Property Equity Loan
We are able to provide Property Equity Loan for Properties based in Malaysia, KL. For properties that have significant equity, property owners can unlock their cashflow for their property by performing a property equity loan.
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Hong Kong (HK)
Property Secured Property Loan
For properties in Hong Kong, we are able to extend financing based on the property secured. A Loan to Value or LTV is typically in the range of 50- 80% of the security and financing can be up to USD 30million.
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Hong Kong (HK)
Property Equity Loan
For Hong Kong based property owners, we are able to extend a property equity loan based on the collateral offered. This allows owners to obtain financing at a lower interest cost and at a higher amount compared to an unsecured product.
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Bangkok Thailand
Secured Property Loan
For properties based in Thailand we are able to extend financing based on the property value for properties based in Bangkok. Financing amount can be in THB,USD or SGD.
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Bangkok Thailand
Property Equity Loan
Thailand property owners can obtain a property equity loan based on the value of the property. This allows for higher financing amounts based on the security. Bangkok property owners can use this to obtain financing for their business. The Loan to Value or LTV can range from 50% - 90% for the borrower.
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  • How Long Does It take for a Loan To be approved?
  • Depending on the application the loan approval process will take between 3 to 10 working days
  • What is the interest rate that I can expect?
  • For the Micro Loan scheme, you can expect an interest rate from 3.7% flat per annum. You can pay off the loan at any point of time and the interest will be pro-rated
  • How do I know which loan I Quaify for?
  • If you are a Singapore incorporated company, you can potentially qualify for business financing, no matter how long your company has been incorporated. To know your options simply enquire here or call us.
  • Which lenders do you work with?
  • We work with all local and foreign banks in Singapore, Private Financiers and other lenders.
  • How do I get started with an application?
  • Simply enquire here, or drop us a call.