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Get business loans rates in seconds. Interest rates from 3.2%.
Ever had a bank tell you this?
Hi! I need to get a business loan.
Your company is too young. We do not think you can apply.
What are the requirements for a business loan?
Please wait while we get the relevant department to call you. Would you like a personal loan?
Hello? Anyone there?
Tired of waiting for the 'relevant' department?
We are too. So we built LoanOwl
Use the same methods that the banks use (tweaked with LoanOwl's secret algorithm).
Get an accurate loan amount and apply to the bank directly without waiting for a banker.
No Excuses from us. We promise.

Find out how banks score your application

$57,577,314 in loans have been granted without a banker
LoanOwl uses calculation methods by the banks to score your loan application.
Once you get your result, it is once again run through our secret algorithm
Don't believe us? Try it yourself.
How much do you want to borrow?
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Our partners: DBS, ANZ, Citibank, HSBC, Standard Chartered, Maybank, UOB, RHB, Bank of China
Monthly Repayment
Here's what you'll pay for
over 3 years

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What Type of Company are you?

medium business loan of up to 1 million


SPRING Micro Loan

annual interest rate
Yearly Turnover
100K - 1million

Average Bank Float
1,500 - 10,000

Max Loan Amount
Up to 100K

1-4 years

Processing time
2 weeks
medium business loan of up to 500k

Growing Businesses

Business Term Loan/SPRING Micro Loan

4.5 - 6.0%
annual interest rate
Yearly Turnover
350K - 700K

Average Bank Float
5,000 - 10,000

Max Loan Amount
Up to 700k

1-4 years

Processing time
2 weeks
small business loan of up to 100k

Older Businesses

Business Term Loan/SPRING Micro Loan/Trade Facilities

4.5 - 6.0%
annual interest rate
Yearly Turnover
Above 700K

Average Bank Float
Above 10,000

Max Loan Amount
Up to 1 million & more

1-4 years

Processing time
2 weeks
Don’t fit any? Get capital anyway.
Prepay Anytime
No Turnover Requirement
Approval in 2 weeks
New Companies (min. 6 months in operations)
91% of eligible businesses who use LoanOwl get approved in 14 days.

Receive Funding in 2 weeks, not 2 months.


LoanOwl makes the application process simple. Score your application. Submit. A LoanOwl rep will call you within the day.
Once we're on it, things start to happen very quickly. We get just the right documentation - nothing extra and we NEVER sit on applications
The application is goes straight to processing and we bypass the multiple departments an ordinary applicant goes through. This means a faster turnaround time, faster approvals and faster cash in hand.

Evaluate your own application


Choose your plan

Business loans
Education loans
Personal loans
Commercial Property loans
Renovation loans
Home loans

Use LoanOwl to evaluate your application

- Key in some basic information for LoanOwl to calculate your eligibility
- Your result is instant and there is no obligation to apply

Get loan amounts & pre-approval.

We'll calculate your loan amount and give you your chance of approval
Our algorithm uses a tweaked version of the bank's scoring method for maximum accuracy

Our relationship managers will call you in 2 hours for submission

- Once you hand us the application, a LoanOwl Rep will call you to follow up on documentation.
- It usually takes about 2-4 hours for us to call you back.
- We hate spam calls too, so don't worry we won't call you for anything else...